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Give Yourself a Natural Face Lifting and a Rejuvenating Touch in Just 10 Minutes

Feeling insecure about your skin? You're not alone. All women run into the same fundamental skin problems, double chin, dull skin, and fine lines.

The new Double chin lift is a cutting-edge technology device that helps you combat those deranging skin issues, from wrinkles to double chin and puffiness.

The Hot &Cold combination grants you a fighting chance against the ticking clock and the ever-flowing time.

It lifts and tightens your eyes for that young and alert look you’ve always been looking for.

Red & Blue Phototherapy Treatment

Red and Blue light therapy at home is a soothing, cool treatment.

It penetrates your skin's pores and eliminates all the bacteria causing Breakouts, Blemishes, Inflammation, and dull skin.

While the Red-Light therapy is for stimulating blood flow and massaging your skin to get rid of your Wrinkles permanently, Fine lines, and Sun damage areas.

Microcurrent Vibration For Morning Swelling

It massages your face with a kneading sensation and helps with the morning swelling due to allergy.

It has a micro-current feel to it with the vibration for a full facial muscle exercise for anti-aging. After a couple of weeks of using it, you can start feeling and seeing the results on your skin and face muscles.


All gain, no pain

Get a painless rejuvenating experience, even in the most sensitive areas of your face like your chin and cheeks.

The deep light therapy selectively targets your damaged spots and week muscle.

Every pulse takes merely a fraction of a second to treat many skin cells at the same time. For a fresh, young look.

Fast Results

Tested on thousands of women with visible skin issues and double chin- and they reported significant, noticeable results from the first week.

Since our face slimmer device - with its Bio-Wave Therapy - helps the blood flow to your skin.

You'll notice a contraction of your weak face muscles after just a couple of days.


Crank Up Your Skin Products' Result

This Skin Therapy Wand is a great way to make sure you're getting your money worth with serums and skin products.

This face massager when merged with proper skin products, will boost the transfer and conversion of the light therapy into your skin. And, stimulates collagen production, to plump and smooth your skin for a younger, fresh look.


Professional Results at a Fraction of the Cost

With this double chin lifter device, you'll get your money worth.

With Its Hot and Cold therapy, you'll be able to perform all the expensive spa treatment therapy whenever you want and at a fraction of the cost.

The radio waves trigger collagen production and regeneration and grant you a radiant, young look.

Sparing you hundreds of dollars and countless trips.


Repairs Your Skin and Reinforce Your Muscles

This led mask not only prevent breakouts and maintain your skin in mint, pristine condition. But it repairs damaged skin and strengthens your face muscles naturally.

You can actually see the effects after a short period.

Used it daily for not more than 30 minutes and witness your skin getting brighter and tighter face.

Choose the mood that suits your face, and let your skin get the comprehensive maintenance it deserves.


Some more cool features Of V-Face Lifting Device

  • Red light UV free heat therapy
  • Blue light radiation
  • Ultrasonic treatment
  • EMS microcurrent
  • Vibration massage
  • Anti-acne treatment
  • Anti-wrinkle massage


Kiss those lines goodbye and lift your face naturally by ordering today

Get your V-Face Double chin Lifting device now by clicking the buy button and filling the order form. We will ship your entire package to you immediately.



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    I just got it and I am using this as I am writing. Looks great. Great packaging. Fast shipping. I have been using for over a month snd have noticed a difference. Great product. I highly recommend.


    Well packaged. Item as advertised.Everything works perfectly.5 stars

    thank you Dasia


    I'm very happy with this purchase. love it nice product


    alles super herzlichen Dank bin sehr zufrieden ich bin super zufrieden funktioniert