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NEW roller accupress Massager

NEW Facial roller accupress Massager

Face Roller Massage helps to circulation of the blood. And achieve VShape face. 

  • The facial roller massager enhances your jaw line and improves blood flow after constantly rolling it on your face.
  • This Face Up Roller Features 6 Roller Wheels, It is an Ideal Massage Tool for Lifting Your Face,
  • Enhancing the Elasticity of Your Skin
  • Beauty tool of creating the graceful face curve, For exquisite face curve,increase elasticity of skin.
  • Remover double chin, help to slimming down your face & neck
  • Use the soft stretch roller to modify your face contour line.It's the beauty tool of dreating the graceful face curve.
  • It's the beauty tool of dreating the graceful face curve.Massage neck area to improve blood regulation, smoothen neck musles
  • Face Massage Roller: used as a face massager roller, personal massager for women, face thin, face weight loss tool, neck slim double chin agent, body shaping exercise chin & double chin tight neck and chin tools, jaw movement, chin fat massager.
  • The roller is very nice and smooth to massage your face and help you relax after work. Move or combine your face, chin, neck or other parts of your body.
  • Double chin: used for neckline, chin line tightening, neck and chin, mouth chin to exercise. Massage your cheeks and chin in a natural way.
  • Increases skin's elasticity and tightness, promotes facial blood circulation, and makes your skin softer and youthful.
  • Facial chin 2 1 Slim: Moveable or combined roller massager and chin roller massager. Beat the massage, arms, back and body.
  • There are 8 massage balls and 15 massage balls on both sides of the cheek. The roller is very nice and smooth to massage your face and help you relax after work. Easy to control and handle, whether you want to massage, when you are in bed, watching TV or reading books and other.
  • Product Description: Material: ABS; Size: 23.4 cm / 9.2 * 3.2 * 8 cm; Color: pink or light pink; Weight: 0.08 kg; Package includes: 1 x facial roller massager; For further questions please feel free to contact us Contact, we will give you advice asp.

Customer Reviews

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Second time I already take it. Effective piece


Very great, the product is cute and you can detach one stick and use it alone or put it with the rest and use it all together, just as shown in my pictures :) i dont know if it works yet, but its better than not doing anything and for the price its worth giving a try ! Thank you


NEW roller accupress Massager


Everyone is happy. perfectly performs its function. thanks to the seller


Good thing! There is no smell, it smoothes well! 5 Star