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100% Organic Neck Essence super serum 10ml

Anti Wrinkles Organic Neck  Essence 10ml

Neck Essence liquid is the use of nanotechnology, with superior penetration and oxidation stability, with a hydrophilic lipophilic dual characteristics, can promote the synthesis of collagen, fade freckles and age spots,pigmentation spots or other sunburn and wrinkles, eliminate pock, repair damaged and uneven skin,can quickly get rid of the dull pigmentation,show white skin.

Method of use:

Clean face, apply proper amout of this product evently on neck, massage gently till fullly absorded, can be used to join other skincare product at the same time,suitable for the whole body.

Suitable skin types:
Suitable for all skin types, especially for uneven skin tone,dull yellow and pigmentation skin,very sensitive skin appropriate reduction.

NET WT:10ml
Shelf life:3 years

1 bottle 10ml, can use 4-7 days, 10 days can get effect 3 bottles 1 treament ,suggest used 9 bottles for a skins' cycle

Neck Anti Wrinkles Essence Remove Wrinkle Anti Neck Lines Lifting Firming Rejuvenation Skin Whitening Moisturizing Neck Serum M2

Net: 10ml

Main ingredients: water, glycerin, jojoba oil, hydrolyzed collagen, trehalose, orchid extract, arbutin extract

Visibly reduces neck lines & wrinkle formation Sharpens & contours jawline

Firms, plumps & tightens skin Promotes new skin generation Promotes collagen

production for improved elasticity Combats saggy and rough skin

Included: 1x Neck Anti Wrinkles Essence.

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