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100% natural Collagen / Magnesium ANTI-PAIN 450 Comp

Collagen hydrolysed with calcium for bones and joints - Collagen with vitamin C and vitamin D to help day-to-day energy

  • HELP WITH CONTRACTS - Collagen with magnesium helps to relax muscles, which can help prevent cramps and contractures, as well as dizziness, dizziness and other symptoms of fatigue in the body, improving your defenses.

  • PROTECT JOINTS - It fixes the calcium and phosphorus of the bones helping to slow down their aging and lengthening their health, protecting us from joint and muscle pain and favoring our metabolism.

  • GREATER ELASTICITY AND FIRMNESS - It helps the natural formation of collagen and maintains optimal levels, being vital to give the skin greater firmness and elasticity, reducing the depth of wrinkles and preventing their early appearance.

  • QUALITY AND GUARANTEE - The Zentrum 90 range of products are manufactured under the guidelines of European Union regulations, which gives your products a maximum level of guarantee and quality.


What is collagen ?

The collagen It is an essential protein produced by our own body and present in absolutely all animals. Its main characteristic is that it contributes to endowing our body with resistanceand to make it more elastic.

What does magnesium give you ?

He magnesiumIt is a mineral that has a very active role in the formation of proteins, in such a way that it contributes to keeping the muscles working correctly, which translates into a very important help for our body when it comes to prevent ailments like osteoarthritis, osteoporosis etc.

Benefits of collagen with magnesium

The combination of collagen with magnesium, to which a high content of vitamins C and D is added, provides a series of benefits to the body that we list below:

Slows down skin aging.

It keeps our young joints.

It gives health to the hair, nails and skin.

Helps delay the appearance of wrinkles.

It contributes to giving greater flexibility to our joints and muscles.


Nutrients and ingredients - Amount per day -% VRN

Hydrolyzed collagen (600 mg)

Calcium (59 mg)

Magnesium (53mg)

Vitamin C (10 mg)

Vitamin D (0.4 mg)


6 tablets a day, 2 before each main meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Do not exceed the daily dose

Food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a varied and balanced diet.

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