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Magnetic Massager Insole

  • COMFORTABLE MASSAGE: On the magnetic insoles there are 10 magnets and many small protruding massage points which will massage your reflexology points on your feet while you are walking or standing. The 10 magnet sticks tightly to the insole and does not easily fall off.
  • NEUTRAL ARCH SUPPORT: Besides of magnet massage, this feet massing insole has the advantage of providing comfortable netrual arch support which will help those who have plantar fasciitis flat feet, fallen arch or other arch problem
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The magnet massage insoles are made of high quality flexible & durable EVA and breathable anti-sweat fabric which is not too hard or too soft when wearing.
  • MULTIFUNCTION INSOLE: Our magnet massage insoles are useful in increasing blood circulation in the feet and calves, relax lumbar muscle, restore the energy of backbone, reduce the foot pain, plantar fasciitis. It is very effective for adjunctive therapy of chronic lumbar strain.
  • TRIMMABLE DESGIN: Our weight loss magnet insoles is designed to be trimmed based on your feet size. They are fitable to put in casual shoes, sneakers, boots, work shoes, etc.

Product Features: 

10 Magnets and all the protruding points on the acupressure therapy Insoles stimulate and massage reflexology points on the soles of your feet while you walk or stand.

* This insoles features that it is designed with comfortable neutral arch support which will help those who have flat feet, fallen arch or other arch problems.

Magnets appear to relax blood vessels, allowing them to bring more oxygen rich blood and carry toxins away from the affected site many air holes also promote circulation and enhanced magnetic effect. 

1 Pair includes both left and right insoles, may be trimmed to fit any size foot. 


Item Type: Magnetic Insoles 
Material: Flexible & Durable EVA + Magnet + Mesh Fabric 
3 Sizes: S (10.43”/ 26.5cm), M (11.22”/ 28.5cm), L (12.0”/ 30.5cm)


We recommend wearing the insoles for 30 minutes per day at first.

It takes time to getting used to this kind of massage insoles.

With time growing, you can increase the time for wearing it

High quality Magnetic Therapy Magnet Massage Insoles Men/ Women Therapy Acupuncture Insoles Magnetic Slimming Massaging Insert

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