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100% TARAMIRA oil hair growth 30 ml

Taramira Oil, also known as Jamba Oil, is extracted from the seeds of the Arugula vegetable.

Taramira Oil is an ancient oil that is used in many countries around the world for it's medicinal and healing properties.

Taramira Oil is very popular and widely used for a variety of applications in south asian and mediterranean countries.


Taramira Oil For Healthy Hair

Taramira Oil has remained a popular herbal remedy and is used to treat hair loss.

This is considered to be the most powerful benefit of Taramira Oil.

It prevents hair loss and promotes new hair growth, and is widely used for this purpose.


Taramira Oil - Skin Benefits

Taramira Oil has been used traditionally to cure Vitiligo.

It is also massaged into skin to help reduce pain caused by arthritis. Taramira Oil is also applied to skin to reduce acne and eczema.


Taramira Oil - Health Benefits

- Anti-diabetic: Taramira Oil was found to reduce high blood glucose in one study

- Powerful Antioxidant: Taramira Oil contains organosulfur compounds, such as allyl isothiocyanate, that provide additional antioxidant power

- Antibacterial: Taramira Oil kills many bacteria that inhabit food

Adding arugula leaves and seed oil into the diet can protect the skin from UV rays and its effects.


This is because arugula is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

It is also said to boost cell resilience and elasticity.

When consumed regularly, you can harness anti-aging benefits, too.

1x bottle 30ml

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Exact description. Ambulance shipment and delivery. A responsive seller. Oil is happy. When applied, burning and allergies are possible-you can dilute apricot bone or almond. has a herbal smell and yellow color. Seller recommend. Thank u


The parcel came within three days. The parcel came with a commodity check, which pleasantly surprised, everything is intact. Thank you so much.