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Hair Regrowth Laser Helmet

Product Description

100-240v Hair Products Device Hair Loss Regrowth Treatment Therapy Alopecia Cap Helmet Hair Fiber



1. With its effectiveness and power, this device can provide a series of benefits in successfully stimulating hair growth by developing increased blood circulation on your scalp.

2. The product can increase blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.

3. With 80 diodes we use specially developed, high efficiency that allow us to deliver the maximum amount of light and coverage for total scalp area in the average human head.

4. Consisting 20-30 minute sessions using the helmet laser can improve the appearance of hair quality, hair strength and hair thickness

5. The device is suitable for hair loss, seborrheic alopecia and other hair lose problems 



1. Clinically proven Low level laser therapy is clinically proven to treat hair loss and promote hair growth. USA FDA approved technology both for men and women;

2. Uniform Dosage & Full Scalp Coverage Unique shell with perfectly placed diodes treats the entire scalp at once with optimal and uniform energy dosage to make hair thicker, fuller and stronger;

3. 81 or 272 Medical Grade Laser diodes Increases Energy production in the cells; Proper penetration stimulates cellular respiration in the hair follicle

4. EASY TO USE Simply a cap to grow hair. Portable & discreet - use it anytime, anywhere HANDS FREE WITH AUTO Switch-OFF; Easy to carry, no need to fix a place for treatment; Wide range of environment: watching TV, driving, hiking and walking;

5. Ultimate Comfort Light, thin, flex shell for ultimate comfort. Thick Trim to cushion your forehead. Portable Powerpack - Use it on the go.

6. Affordable,Effective & Convenient With same effective treatments results, but 1/2 the cost compared with other famous brand. Take hair Loss treatment at home, and can be shared with family as well.

7. High capacity rechargeable lithium battery, economic and environmental protection, light weight;

8. Laser cap can be placed in any kind of cap for treatment, decent and comfortable;

9. No side effects, no need for other drugs.

10. Built-in time setting system, it will turn off automatically after working 30mins, no worries about overused.

11. Suggest 1 time space 2 days, 30mins each time

Do laser helmets regrow hair?

A 2019 study published in Lasers in Medical Science found that a novel laser therapy helmet increased hair thickness and covered bald patches in men and women with androgenetic alopecia. ...

Do lasers really regrow hair?

You may have heard that laser combs, brushes, hoods, and caps can help halt hair loss. Hair follicles absorb laser light at a certain level, it stimulates hair to grow


Item Type : Hair Regrowth Helmet

Gender : Unisex
Hair Type : Hair Loss Treatment
Power Input: 100-240V
Power Output : 5V DC/1.5A
Weight: Approx .1150g
Wave Length : 640-678nm
Diodes Quantity : 80 diodes
Optional Plug: US Plug, EU Plug, UK Plug 
Color : White
Applicable Scene : Home,Office, Outdoor

Packaged Included

1 x Hair Regrowth Helmet
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

1 x Charging Plug

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