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Korean Skin Iron Microcurrent

Anti Wrinkle V-line Face Eye Lifting Skin Tightening Machine

The micro-current can stimulate skin to contract, balance man's bio electric field, refine skin and enhance skin self-repairing capability.

The positive and negative ion can alternately electrolyze skin care products nutrition, making it easier for skin to absorb and infill the skin with caring energy.

The red light has a wave length of 630mm which is effective to massage and awake skin.

Slightly warm relieve the tension of the skin and promote absorption.

  • power consumption: 8W Battery consumption time: 80min Battery Charging time: 3hour weight: 130g Size: 215x72x61mm Rating: DC3.6V 2,600mA Composition: manual, main body+Holder, charger, guarantee card Adapter input: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz Output:DC5V=1.0A
  • How to use After filling enough ? apply ampoule to your face and massage. When connected to an adapter, all functions are disabled. When using after charging: Power button is turned on when pressed for a long time.
  • Nutrition and elasticity stage Press 1: Face (Face) Step 1: Weak / Blue Lamp Press 2 times: Face (Face) Step 2: Strong / RedLamp Press 3 times: Body (Body) Step 1: Weak / Blue lamp Press 4 times: Body (Body) Step 2: Strong / Red Lamp Long press: off
  • Massage 6 steps Vibration Heating Massage Safety system Micro Electricity Led light All in one care Improvement factor Eye lifting/ Double-sided lifting / Wrinkles / Fore wrinkles / Neck wrinkles / Gingiva density / Forearm elasticity / Abdominal area elasticity / Calf swelling / Temporary thigh cellulite reduction


You're buying electronic Goods of 220V.You may need a step up Voltage Converter for 110V(ex, USA,Canada)

Iron your skin and see the change of your skin. 5 minutes a day!

SKin Massager 6 Steps : Vibration, Heating Massage, Safety System, Micro Electricity, LED Light, All in one Care.

Auto OFF if not used for more than 5 minutes.


Being pushed away from each other with all their like-charges, skin Massager adopts both positive and negative ion that can ionize the cosmetic formula and help bioactive ingredients penetrated into the dermal layer while expelling dirt from the skin.

Vibrating effect of Skin Massager gives a great massaging effect that helps ingredients penetrated deep into the skin layer.


Massaging effect with vibration stimulating saggy skin

Heating Massage

It gives a heating massaging effect to relieve the skin

Safety System

Inbuilt safety system maintains the level of moderate temperature at 42 °C

Micro Electricity

The iron crossing in consecutive order penetrates deep into dermal layer.

LED Light

The led light enhances to relieve the skin.

All in one care

Quick and easy skin care management for both face and body.


Resist skin problems

Slack,Insufficient elasticity,Wrinkle,Large pores,Dull and dry,Facial edema.


Hand Relieving Massage

Beneficial ingredients are not good enough to

Hand massaging effect gives  foreverlily only the limited effect as beneficial ingredients are not good enough to penetrate deep into the skin layer.

Skin Massager

Vibrating effect of foreverlily Skin Massager gives a great massaging effect that helps ingredients penetrateddeep into the skin layer.

Specification of skin Massager

Rating : DC3.6V 2,600mA

Power Consumption : 8W

Adaptor Input : AC100V - 240V 50/60Hz

Output : DC5V = 1.0A

Battery Duration : 80 minutes

Size (L x H x W) : 22 x 72 x 61 mm / 8.46 x 2.83 x 2.40 inch

Weight : 125g

Material : ABS

Battery Recharging Hour : 3 hours

Product include:1*product,1*stand and 1*5 pin usb cable



1. Tips: Do not connect the power supply when you want to use it.

2. Remove all jewelry before use.

3. Do not use on scars or open wounds.

4. Do not use on skins prone to blemishes, allergy, and other related skin problems. Seek medical advice from certified doctors before use.Should skin redden,swelloritch stop use immediately and seek medical advice from foreverlily certified doctor. 

5. Do not use in wet environment or du ring shower or bath.

6. Product is not for pregnant women, use by child and weak should be supervised.

7. Product is not water proof,wash with cleaning towel or cloth and do not place under water.

3 years garanteed

Customer Reviews

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Thank you. Everything works well. Delivery 3 weeks. True massage weak vibration is not strong. I'll see what the result is. The feeling after the massage is pleasant. The skin on the face is felt tight. In the program for the body used for massage of the elbow joint with warming and application of a special cream for muscles. I liked the effect. Pain has decreased.


Goods came in pogiętym box but fortunately,, iron,, is entirely. No transition with green color for blue, is two times green.