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Heat Jade & Tourmaline Eye Mask

Wearing this eye mask cover, enjoy a comfortable eye compress massage and mental relaxation after a long time study or work

Equipped with 16pcs high quality of jade stones and Germanites, improve microcirculation and relieve fatigue.

Small size and lightweight, can be used in travel Suitable for eyes train people who long time in reading books or computer.

    • Eye Mask for Soothing Eyes】This heated eye mask is helpful to improve puffy eyes/dry eyes/dark circles/Eye Fatigue. Wearing this eye mask cover, enjoy a comfortable eye compress massage and mental relaxation after a long time study or work. Ideal for travel,napping, meditation, Yoga. Relieves eye strain, eye puffiness, dry eyes, sinus pressure and headaches. Relaxes you mind and helps you sleep better.
    • ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC BAND: This personal handheld smart eye massager comes in universal size, making it an ideal eye relief & relaxation tool for people of all ages in mind. The ergonomic and stylish eye and temple massager fits most face shapes, while the elastic band can be tightened and loosened through an adjustable buckle
    • USB Heated Eye Cover】 Powered by a regular USB port, you can use it anywhere as long as with USB power supply, like mobile power bank/computer's USB port. Spraying some water on the surface of this steam-heated eye cover , enjoy better moist warming eye massage.
    • Great gift choice: If you are looking for something unique for a loved one or friend, The elegant, ecologically & designed  makes a great gift and one that they will use often and thank you for.Good gift choice for your & friend & loved health.


    Why you need this Moist Heated Eye Mask ?

    Nowadays, people always taking & playing cellphone anywhere they go or have to face to computer for quite long time while working.

    But prolonged periods of staring at cellphone or computer have a devastating effect on our eyesight.

    Symptoms such blurry vision, dry eyes, dark circles, eye strain, fatigue, headache are very common among heavy users.

    Although we all know that the best solution is probably to minimize their usage, it is usually not feasible as these devices have become a very important part of our life.

    We understand all your health concerns and also the reality demands.

    And this is how our Heated Compress Eye Mask comes out.

    With its therapeutic relief benefits and portable design, our heated eye mask provides you a possibility of instant and self-served eye relaxation anywhere anytime when needed, so keeping your eyes refreshed & healthy.



    1. Eye health care, relieve eye fatigue and eye soreness.

    2. Far infrared therapy,promoting blood circulation,smooth out the wrinkles, minimizes dark circles and pouch.

    3. Far infrared ray and anion,purify the air, make us physically and mentally happy.

    4. LED remote controller monitoring of negative ions, easy to use.

    5. Tourmaline emits about 2.5~13.5micron of far infrared rays and it’s matched with the infrared rays of human body oneself, so it’s called “The ray of life”. 


    How To Use:

    Put it on your eye and press the start button.



    1. Not in high temperature, wet use.

    2. Do not wear contact lenses when using the eye massager .

    3. Avoid direct cleaning with water.

    4. If eye has done surgery, please contact  your doctor before use.



    Jade Stones/Germanium :16 Pieces
    Package Included: 1X Eye Massager

    Eye Mask Tourmaline Eye Massager Electric Jade Stone Massage Heat Therapy Germanium Infrared Relaxation Health care

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