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100% natural Chili Ginger FAT BURNER cream

 85ml Anti Cellulite 7 Days Slimming Body Cream Hot Chili Ginger Stubborn Fat Burn Detox Lose Weight Burning Fat Cream Firming

Try this slimming gel, Say Bye-bye to fat !

  • Anti Cellulite Cream: Gently massage slimming cream into troubled cellulite areas using circular motions for 15-20 minutes for cellulite reduction. Use as a body massager with the hot anti cellulite cream to stimulate weight loss in those troubled areas.
  • Belly Fat Burner for Women: Its active ingredients such pepper essential oil generates heat that speeds micro circulation of fat. As a slimming cream fat burner for tummy the amino acids and cystine from seaweed essence help prevent uncomfortable dry skin, while the gingerols from ginger help in the reductions of waste like reactive oxygen and free radicals.
  • Anti Aging Skin Care: Made from natural plant ingredients made in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine TCM and modern scientific technology to produce the effective results of plant bio that helps with the restructuring and firming of your skin.

100% Organic & Natural

  • Slimming Gel: Helps enhance the burning of excess fats and accelerates the metabolism. The fast slimming cream effectively helps in minimizing the appearance of slackened skin due to water retention, tiredness and weight gain, weight loss and aging. This is a great slimming cream fat burner for tummy.
  • Skin firming lotion: The hot cream cellulite and fat burner also helps with skin firming as it absorbs and metabolizes its active ingredients. Apply the cream before workout could generate amazing effect, too ! What's more, keep using the cream until you reach your ideal weight!



For fat thick parts can directly promote the blood circulation

It is derived from a most unique formula

Helps to burn fats, accelerates the metabolism

Effectively minimizing the appearance of slackened skin



Item Type: Body Slimming Cream
Type: Massage Gel
Gender: Women
Color: Clear
Content: Appro 85Ml


Package Included:

1 x Body Slimming Cream


Ingredients :

Coffee, Natural chili oil, essence of seaweeds, ivies, CARBOPOL, Exceparl-Ho excels T-95 1805, Kalcol-8670, Glycerin, Water, ect.



After shower, squeeze small amount applying it on the area you wanted

Massaging until it absorbed completely.

If you want to achieve a stronger effect, you can use wrap to cover it


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Everything in action did not try this for sale


It's smaller than I imagined. I haven't tried it yet but fine.


Doing a little but got bn aver if it works


The cream is good, the texture is quickly absorbed, slightly humming, not bad than what to wrap for the puffing effect, the Cream moisturizes well, in color it is transparent, I really like it, the tube is not big.


100% natural Chili Ginger FAT BURN cream