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100% Natural Resin Gua Sha scraping Massager

Special effects:
1. Regulating micro-circulation, mental relaxation, improve motor function.
2. Regulate local heat, relax muscles, relieve stress.
3. Stimulate blood flow to help remove blood from the effect of pain and fatigue factor.
4. Relieve bursitis, sciatica, headaches, arthritis and premenstrual syndrome symptoms.
5. Shu points and meridians, and the combination can be effective in promoting blood flow, improve microcirculation, inhibit cancer cell growth and the elimination of excess body fat deposition.



1. Auitable for prolonged use of computers, mobile phones or other devices are kind of electromagnetic radiation;
2. Fast pace of work, nervous tension are long;
3. Poor circulation; waist, shoulder and neck stiffness or pain are easy;
4. Mental stress, relax the need to continue to restore the spirit of the person;
5. Often insomnia, listlessness, who need to improve physical energy;
6. Immunocompromised, those who need to improve physical fitness; 


Important contraindications

1.It¡¯s very important not to scrape over any mole, pimple or mark on the skin. This might cause damage to the skin. One way to avoid scraping such an area is to place your finger over it to guard against accidental contact. The same counts for varicose veins, skin disorders or open wounds and scratches.

2.During pregnancy, gua sha isn't recommended.

3.When GuaSha,pls stay away from the wind and keep warm.

4.Drink a hot water after GuaSha.

5.Take a shower three hours after GuaSha.


Size :  10cm x 7cmx5cm  

Material : natural resin 

2 Colors Natural Resin Chinese Acupuncture Scraping Tool Back Massage Body Massager Gua Sha Board Beeswax Scrape Therapy

Customer Reviews

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Everything is super, it came in integrity and safety fully corresponds to the description. The parcel went a little more than a month.


Everything came, whole, well packed. Made of quality plastic. With the seller did not communicate, the parcel was 6 weeks.


Small blades, it will be convenient to take on the road, less likely that it will break in contrast to the stone. On the feeling of glass then from plastic well polished!


Plastikova plate, dugé legend and other form at vicoristany


Good scrapers. The difference between big and small is significant! The photo shows. Order went 2 months