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Roller hair massager


Reach your hair and beard growing potential with our hair and beard rollers.

Derma rollers have a number of uses, but the main ones are for improving pigmentation issues and improving the surface of the skin.

Our Beard Rollers are an easier and affordable method to grow that even looking, thicker beard.

Made from 540 high quality titanium micro-needles, to make the absorption of our beard growth oil as effective as possible. 

Perfect for any hair and beard

Our hair and beard rollers work using a technique known as “Micro-needling” to stimulate hair follicle growth.

They trick the body into increasing the supply of collagen beneath your skin which in turn boosts the growth rate of your beard.

Micro-needling also helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, which leaves the skin feeling softer and looking healthier.

Easy to use

Simply roll slowly back-and-forth in a criss-cross pattern across an area of the beard that suffers from a lack of thickness.

With consistent usage 

We recommend twice a week for a number of weeks - empty spots on the face will begin to grow a thick and even beard.

Scientific studies indicate that you will achieve even better results if you use a beard oil alongside the roller.

We have a great range of beard growth oils, enriched with growth boosting oils that can also relieve mild irritation that may occur.

Key Features0.3mm - the ideal size to penetrate deep enough to activate hair follicles.

Made from high quality titanium micro-needles Rubber grip handle Compact sleek design Painless and easy to use Affordable alternative to expensive micro-needling treatments Simply clean with warm, soapy water after every use

0.25mm 540 Needles Beard Growth Roller Facial Roller Skin Care Micro Needle For Beard Growth Beard Care Treatment Tool

3 years garanteed

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Roller hair massager


Roller hair massager