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100% IONIC shower hair grow HEAD SET

100% Natural & Organic

ROCK Stream shower head has bioactive & ionic beads and filter can remove bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine & fluoride, improving blood circulation, immunity, energy levels, mental clarity & overall wellness and absorbing harmful substances in the air, softens and purifies shower water to make your skin and hair smoother and softer.

Improves water pressure by 200% and saves up to 35% water

  • Special beads :

    The beads in the shower head can make up double filter system, which can make the water much cleaner, soften and purify shower water to make your skin and hair smoother and softer.

    High pressure and water saving 

    The micro nozzle technology makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, increasing the speed of the water flow, thereby increasing 200% water pressure and steady the water flow. Up to 30% water saving than ordinary showerhead. Apply to low water pressure RV.

    Three spray settings

    Rainfall, Jetting, Massage, the three shower modes are Ideal for adult, kids and pets bathing, bring you and your families the special shower experience in your bathroom. In addition, the powerful jetting water also can help you to clean everywhere.

    Easy to install

    General size G1/2’’ fits any standard size shower arm. No plumber and tools need, allows you to install the shower head as easily and freely as screwing in a bulb.

    Solid and durable design:

    Solid build, no leaks. The design of a transparent high-density filter and the perspective are easy to disassemble to clean.

    ZhangJi High Pressure Massage Water Therapy SPA Rainfall Shower Head Anion Filter Balls Water Saving Bathroom Shower Nozzle


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